Bruce Springsteen BG Archives Print from Shoreline Amphitheatre on Oct 13, 1986
16×20 C-Print. Photographer: Ken Friedman

This Archives Print is sold by Wolfgang’s Vault as an 11×14 c-print for $125. or as a 16×20 c-print for $200.

It is one of their most popular prints in their Concert Photos collection (it is in the top 50 best selling). By the early 1970s Bill Graham had regularly assigned staff photographers to capture concert scenes on film. Wolfgang’s Vault is now pleased to present them to you as their Concert Photos collection. Incredible portraits of the performers of that era.

Details of the photo:
Tour/Show: Bridge School Benefit
Date: Oct 13, 1986
Location: Shoreline Amphitheatre (Mountain View, CA)

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Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band 1980s Ticket from Oakland Coliseum Stadium on 18 Sep 85: Ticket One

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