If you find that there are any parts of the Hexagon Shaped Bee Motif that you are unsure of, this video can be helpful when you compare it to the written directions for the pattern.

The how-to video can also help you learn how to be confident with some crochet pattern instructions that can help to advance your skills as a crocheter, making it easier to crochet other patterns also. I am working on making how-to videos for the other rounds of the Bee Hexagon Motif also.

Link: Hexagon Shaped Stencil Bee Motif Free Pattern


One Response to “How-To Video Crochet Rnd 1 Bee Hexagon Motif Pattern Help”

  1. Melanie Rice

    My heartfelt thanks go to Sandi for being so kind and sharing so many wonderful things. Her guide to Filet Crochet was what finally made filet CLICK for me!! It is so well done! As a retired teacher, I value things well-written and with clear, good instructions! Thank you Sandi!