Here’s an interesting example of a self-striping yarn. This is the color named Toasted Almond in Red Heart’s yarn line called Heart & Sole.

One of the great things about this yarn is that it’s permeated with all the properties of aloe vera, making it glide nicely on knitting needles or a crochet hook.

As far as yarn weight goes, it’s on the thin side, making it wonderful for sock making. The color pattern comes out as you knit or crochet plain rows (stockinette stitch in knitting or single crochet rows when crocheting). As you can see by the photo, the color pattern in this yarn is varied and interesting. It’s a great yarn for colorful sweaters for children as well.

I have a larger photo of a piece knitted in stockinette stitch here, along with suggested needle and hook sizes and other info about this brand and type of yarn.

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